The Diversity Of Somerset Academy Early Learning Center Teaching Staff

Somerset Academy in intentional in our teacher diversity; age, race, ethnicity, and gender. Somerset Academy’s teachers and staff vary greatly in age and life experience. Our Academy ranges in ages from the youngest of 19 years old to the maturity of our seasoned teachers – one who is  65 years young.  Each teacher brings their own unique style, experience, and perspectives to our school.

We take pride in having male role models for our students.  Unlike other preschool centers, Somerset Academy’s staff is a balance of both male and female teachers. Unlike a daycare, our school has male classroom teachers, music teachers, behavioral support workers, janitorial workers, and kitchen staff with a real chef.

We find that having gender diversity among our teachers brings a unique  experiences/caring styles, and reduces the levels of challenging behaviors.  Our teachers provide children a more accurate reflection of the gender mix of their community and the world around them.  As well, our diversity provides a more accurate reflection of the world in which we live; in education and life itself.

Somerset Academy’s teachers also come from very diverse cultural backgrounds. We have teachers who have come to us from Puerto Rico, Indonesia, India, and China, and they all bring unique perspectives from their countries of origin. At Somerset Academy, we are also proud to have a melting pot of teachers from different races.

Our mix of African American, Caucasian, and Asian, teachers is our school’s strength, and we know our children benefit from seeing members of their community representing them.  As literature reflects, having someone who looks like you – is of the same race or gender, creates an environment in which students perform better  and parents are more engaged.

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