National Capital Resources, LLC

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National Capital Resources, LLC

National Capital Resources, LLC is a Redbook full service public finance company.

They specialize in creative taxable and tax exempt bond and lease financing, municipal and financial advisory services, and corporate private placements, for mid-tier corporate accounts, cities, counties, states, public authorities, school districts, education, and health related institutions throughout the United States.

The firm offers a wealth of experience and technical expertise accumulated from prior experience in major firms and quasi-governmental organizations within the public finance, banking, and financial services industries.

NCR has arranged over $1 billion in financing since January 1991 through our extensive nationwide network of banks, institutional, and private investors.

They serve clients in many consulting capacities: strategic planning management consulting, financial advisory, corporate placement agent where we assist in the raising equity capital through traditional sources or impact capital through economic development or Public Private Partnerships.


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