Somerset Early Learning Center is widely regarded as the best preschool in Philadelphia, and for good reason. From its state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge curriculum, Somerset offers an unparalleled early education experience that sets children up for success in school and in life.

At Somerset, children are encouraged to explore, learn, and grow in a safe and nurturing environment. The center’s talented teachers are passionate about early childhood education and are dedicated to helping each child reach their full potential. They create a warm, inclusive atmosphere where children feel comfortable asking questions, taking risks, and making mistakes, all essential components of the learning process.

In addition to its exceptional faculty, Somerset’s facilities are second to none. From its spacious classrooms to its well-equipped outdoor play areas, the center provides children with ample opportunities for hands-on, interactive learning. The center’s curriculum is designed to support the developmental needs of young children and aligns with the latest research on early childhood education. Children engage in a wide range of activities that support their social, emotional, cognitive, and physical growth, including arts and crafts, music and movement, and outdoor play.

At Somerset Early Learning Center, we are excited to share when others see our school’s excellence.  We are proud and honored to be recognized by the following preschool experts online:

Somerset early learning center is the best preschool in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.