Striving to provide our achievers with the most advantageous education we cannot neglect or ignore the vital responsibility of teaching them about a healthy lifestyle. We believe this encompasses social, emotional and physical health. We know it will take the education of our achivers, their families, our community and ourselves. We know that promoting our Healthy Choices/Wellness Initiative throughout our entire school –our scholars, their families, our faculty and staff and the surrounding community will benefit greatly.

Healthy_foodsIN A NUTSHELL: We are teaching healthy lifestyle and instilling lifelong habits in our scholars – increased physical activity, healthy food choices and positive social health (getting along with others.) This also applies to our staff and entire school environment. We are educating everyone about healthy food choices and promoting more physical activity.

In the interest of promoting good nutrition and dental health habits, we at Somerset Academy are making a conscious effort to make certain our scholars are fed a balanced and healthy meal on a daily basis. We also encourage you to supply your child with a nutritious lunch. Gum and junk food contribute to littering, obesity and poor nutrition and are forbidden on the school premises and playground. Parents are asked to support this request by not sending junk food for snacks and lunch