Transportation and Media Consent Form

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Transportation and Media Consent Form


Children (Campers) enrolled in Somerset Academy, Inc.’s Super Summer Camp may be taken on frequent walking trips to various locations or parks in the area. Since many of these outings are impromptu, it is not always possible to notify parents.

Campers aged 6-12 may also take field trips to locations in the city or region. Transportation may be by hired bus or public transportation (such as a city bus or train).

Please sign and return this permission slip below so that your child may be able to take full advantage of camp activities. Children who do not have permission will be kept at camp.

permission to take walking field trips in the area. My child also has my permission to travel on a school or public bus or hired transportation. I understand that camp rules and regulations will be in effect throughout the journey and that appropriate safety precautions will be taken. I accept that Somerset Academy, Inc., or any individual employed by the camp, cannot be held responsible for events or accidents occurring which are beyond their control.


Somerset Academy, Inc., Super Summer Camp, often takes photographs and video film of campers involved in camp activities for publicity purposes. These images may appear in printed publications, advertising campaigns, the camp’s web site, or social media sites. Photos of campers may also be shared with the news media for promotion. These images will not be sold or shared otherwise. I give permission for my child’s image to be used in the promotion of Somerset Academy, Inc., Super Summer Camp, in any form of media.


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